I hope this message finds everyone happy and healthy during these days of the novel Corona virus.

On Friday, March 13, we were set and ready to perform at Mid-City Lanes Rock N Bowl in New Orleans, as we have done a thousand times before. Earlier in the week, word that the COVID epidemic had reached the shores of The United States had the nation starting to panic, although the full scope of this new virus was not known. Our show that evening was the last moment of quasi-normalcy. Our crowd that night was great, but the rumblings of a curfew in New Orleans had started the evening before. Given our hurricane culture in southern Louisiana, we all knew what that proclamation meant. The following morning, our event scheduled for Saturday. March 14 had cancelled.

….And then, there was nothing.

The pandemic sent a shockwave through the national events industry. Major hotel chains had shut down all of their events within 24 hours and major corporate entertainment venues quickly went dark. The great “wave” of rescheduling came next (with many clients having to reschedule multiple times due to the length of the pandemic). As our band meetings turned to conference calls and Zoom meetings, we all questioned when our live performance schedule may start up again. It would be almost four months before The Nuts took the stage again at events that were all turned on their heads.

For the first time in twenty-two years, The Mixed Nuts had an abundance of time on our hands.

Where The Mixed Nuts are set apart from many other bands, …our crew are all seasoned studio musicians. Chad Gilmore has been on more hit albums and singles, it will make your head spin. The same is true for Beau, Telissa, Jeff, Jason, Jonathan…. their studio experience rivals that of their live performances (which says a ton). As COVID took away our ability to perform live, we went to work in our home studios. A casual conversation between myself and Beau lead to the creation of our first video project – “Wish It Would Rain” – the Phil Collins cover. Beau recorded his parts in his home studio, then sent to me to record the guitar parts in my studio, then over to Jeff…etc. etc.

After we released “Wish It Would Rain” on Facebook, we were thrilled with the reception. We quickly began planning a series of some of OUR favorite songs to share with our fans via social media. The process was guided by Beau St. Pierre from his studio, who also mixed and mastered all of these tracks! Quite an undertaking, folks!

Shortly following the release of our second video, “We Don’t Need Another Hero”, we received emails from several of our corporate clients who were going “virtual” for their 2020 conferences. The same format kept popping up for all of these clients: a sign-in, online conference where their employees could receive their training hours and the company could continue to host an event, albeit different from anything done previously.

Our team quickly went to work on the creation of a playlist of videos that were tailored-made for each client. Not only did we create specific videos for the theme of each event, we customized each video with the clients logo, jingles, and other business information. We were able to create branded video content for each of our clients that led to incredible ratings for each of these events! Many of our videos were used to end or start different online segments of the online conferences. In one particular scenario, we became the session lunch break entertainment. In another scenario, we re-created classic music videos and songs from the 90s to fit a “Friends” event theme. Working with our coordinator friends and colleagues, we had a blast getting creative and executing on these specialized themes for our online content.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, we began a total revision of our Youtube Channel. I went on an overhaul process, getting rid of old 20-second videos, and scrubbed the content to get ready for our new channel. “The Mixed Nuts Youtube Channel” debuted on June 1, 2020 and has become a favorite project for us. Our channel has become a vibrant community for interaction with our content and we’re looking forward to pushing the envelope with a brand new Youtube show called “Nut TV!” We will also be live-steaming shows to our page in the near future as well.

Are you a subscriber? http://www.youtube.com/themixednuts – make sure you stop by and hit the subscribe button and keep up with all of our new content coming out in the coming weeks.

With the challenges that COVID-19 has brought to all of us, creating a new environment to entertain was a challenge over the past few months. The band is proud of our work over the past few months and we’re thrilled at the successful online events that we’ve been a part of. Keeping pace with the changing market is a goal we always strive for and I’m proud to say that our team is STRONGER than ever in our ability to adapt.

Keep it tuned right here, everybody! Stay safe and we’ll see you out there soon.

Chuck Credo IV

Head Nut In Charge