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A “how to” guide for planning music for your wedding reception!

A “how to” guide for planning music for your wedding reception!

b7c7cc254a12081a6c4cd640d7b11146Hey Nut Nation!

The Spring 2016 wedding season has arrived and, along with our public shows, The Nuts are busy performing at weddings all over the Gulf Coast! The Mixed Nuts have been performing wedding receptions since 1999, with our very first wedding at The Board Of Trade in New Orleans. Over those years, the band has privileged to perform for thousands of happy couples – with every experience unique and different from the last! There are many couples who are interested in having a throw-down wild party. There are many couples who prefer a planned out event, full of timed events, planned song lists, and exact time lines. No matter what category you fall into, The Nuts have learned that communication between the band and the couple is the #1 key to success in making an wedding event an absolute success.

If you’re planning your own reception, I’ve come up with a few key ideas to keep in mind as you are working with your band (or DJ) in the music selection process:

1.) What kind of event do you want your wedding to be?
As I stated earlier, it’s very important for the bride and groom to have an idea of what kind of event they want their reception to be: …A throw-down party? …a formal start with a party during the 2nd part of the night? It’s good to keep in mind that any kind of overall picture you have for your night should be explained to your band leader/DJ during your months of planning.

2.) “Starter” Song Selections
Both bands and DJs should come equipped with a list of songs that provide a good example of what their performance is all about. In selecting songs for your wedding, it’s very important to realize that the majority of receptions start off kind of slow. While some groups come ready to party from note one, many receptions start off with friends and family finding and table, socializing, and visiting the bar/buffet line. During this time, any experienced band will perform lighter/background music as your guests arrive. If you’re a fan of Frank Sinatra, Yacht Rock, or jazz music, this is the best time for that music. You don’t want your group breaking into “Fly Me To The Moon” when the party is jumping at the end of the night. Consider starting off your song list with a few good background songs

3.) Your First Dances
A bride and groom’s first dance songs usually consist of the following: Bride and Groom Dance, Bride and Father Dance, Groom and Mother Dance, and Wedding Party Dance (the majority of brides have been eliminating the wedding party dance over the past few years). These songs should be a reflection of your relationship! If your special dance songs aren’t on your band’s song list, be sure to ask them in advance if they can learn it for you! The Nuts are always working on songs for our clients as it helps add a special element to every show!

4.) Dance Music
When going through the main music for the reception, it’s good to tell your band leader any genres and styles you really like, as well as any you don’t! Some brides will love hip-hop, country, and oldies. Some brides will stay away from rap, line dances, and early 50’s material. Every experience is different, so it’s good to go with a group or DJ that knows how to play to the crowd while keeping true to your requests. During the selections of these tunes, it’s good to consult your band leader for suggestions. Sometimes, what looks good on paper doesn’t always translate to a packed dance floor. Don’t hesitate to run some of your ideas past the band, as everyone’s goal is to make sure the experience is second to none.

5.) Special dance songs during the evening.
Many families choose to include special dances during the evening (different from the first dance songs). For instances, many visitors to New Orleans love to participate in a traditional 2nd Line to show off the culture of the city! Many Jewish families will request The Hora. Many Italian families love to do the tarantella. There’s even the “broom dance” for many cajun families… If your family has certain traditions, make sure you tell your band leader/DJ so that these can be included during your big day!

**The most important thing to remember when picking your songs, …and when picking your band, …EXPERIENCE MATTERS! The Mixed Nuts are proud to bring almost two decades of experience to the table to our clients, with the ability to help navigate even the most sequenced wedding timelines and planning agendas! While music selection may just be a small percentage of the master plan of your wedding, an excellent band or DJ can really help make this process fun and exciting for all involved. You want to make sure to go with a group that understands what YOU WANT (after all, it’s YOUR big day).

Be sure to check out our WEDDINGS page located above for more information about how The Mixed Nuts approach a wedding reception.

Congrats to all of the newly engaged and best wishes from The Mixed Nuts!


April 29th, 2016

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