Mixed Nuts Greatest Hits Vol 1
04 Feb 2015 | 70's, 80's 90's and more


Planning a hi-end wedding?

Do you want your wedding to be the talked about event of the year? Do you want to make sure you don’t get just another “wedding band”? Here’s an option for you that will guarantee the most incredible event of your life. The Mixed Nuts will perform all your favorite hits from the decades with professionalism and flair. From Sinatra to The Stones, from the 40’s to the most current hip dance favorites, The Mixed Nuts make each song memorable and fun, yet perform with conviction and authority. Their vast playlist covers every conceivable era of popular music!


Do you often wonder why many bands let the dance floor clear after each song? Pacing is everything in a hi-end event. The Mixed Nuts perform a high-energy seamless show from one song to the next, keeping the dance floor full, like a party is supposed to be. New Orleans is known for its parties and The Mixed Nuts know how to keep it rolling all night!


Some bands love to show up in various different outfits that range from “kind of formal” to “what is he wearing?” The Mixed Nuts prides itself on its presentation. The guys in the band are always in tuxedos for formal events, while the ladies are always in elegant gowns and apporopriate attire. When you hire The Mixed Nuts for your event, you won’t have to worry if the band is going to show up in blue jeans!


Ever go to a wedding reception where you have to shout over the music? Ever have to leave the room or leave the party because the band is just too loud? These are sound problems. A professional sound engineer who knows the act intimately will never let that happen. That’s why The Mixed Nuts hire their own professional sound mixer who works exclusively with them to ensure that every show is flawless. He knows who is singing each song, what solos are coming up, and all the intricacies of mixing the instruments and voices to sound like a concert or a record, not a garage band, and all at a volume level that is appropriate to the venue and the event. The band uses in-ear monitors which brings the stage volume down to virtually zero, giving the sound engineer ultimate control of the volume.

MC Services

The Mixed Nuts specialize in MC services. Several of our members have been awarded with public speaking honors. We also have an SEC Football cheerleader in the band who has MC’d a crowd of 92,000 people on national TV! The Mixed Nuts will be glad to take care of your MC needs at no extra charge!

Extra Services

Need a more intimate enviroment to start off your reception? How about some background music for your sitdown dinner or cocktail hour? The Mixed Nuts members’ versatility shines here with the ability to provide each client with the option of a small jazz trio that creates an elegant mood with beautiful music that never overwhelms the moment.

The Mixed Nuts “New Orleans Review” is also a favorite for many weddings. Adding the horn section option allows The Mixed Nuts to bring any audience through a tour of classic New Orleans Rhythm and Blues starting back in the 1950s and going up to today! This option is a favorite for those out-of-town clients bringing in friends and family to New Orleans for the first time.

Are you a bride who LOVES Hip-Hop? The Mixed Nuts travels with one of the best DJs in the area. If you want your last hour of the recepton to be a throw down hip-hop dance party, just ask about The Mixed Nuts DJ details.

Music Selections

After over a decade of playing to every kind of audience imaginable, The Mixed Nuts pride themselves on being able to pick the RIGHT song for the RIGHT time! This one factor alone seperates The Mixed Nuts from many other bands! Picking the right music for the moment is what this band does best. Knowing what song or style will work best in any particular moment is an art that takes years to acquire. The Mixed Nuts will “read” the crowd to pick the correct songlist to keep the dance floor packed! In addition, The Mixed Nuts works with each of their clients to select just the right song for that special First Dance, or Father/Daughter Dance. 

The Mixed Nuts take great pride in assuring each event is special. The Mixed Nuts have been called “the easiest band to work with” by many employers as well as “the easiest/most fun part of planning my wedding” by many brides! The Mixed Nuts ultimate goal is to give each of their clients their very best and to help make each wedding a most special night for all involved.