Mixed Nuts Greatest Hits Vol 1
04 Feb 2015 | 70's, 80's 90's and more

Band Size Options

Band Size Options

5 Piece Group:
Full rhythm section, one female vocalist, and all guys are lead vocalists as well.

8 Piece Group:
Full Rhythm section, one female vocalist, plus THE NUTS HORNS (3 piece horn section)

10 Piece Group:
Full rhythm section, 4 male vocals, 3 female vocalists, plus THE NUT HORNS (3 piece horn section)


Solo Guitar:
Solo classical and acoustic fingerstyle guitar.

Jazz Trio:
Guitar, upright acoustic bass, and percussion. Smooth jazz instrumental music, fantastic for the start of a wedding reception or corporate event.

Add a disc jockey to crank things up and fill your party with non-stop music! This core member of The Mixed Nuts will provide songs of any genre… from quiet classics during the start of your reception to club-ready current dance hits during the band’s breaks. This option allows a client to add a DJ option (at a bargin price compared to a seperate DJ company).