2nd Line Band:
The Mixed Nuts offer the BEST 2nd Line Band experience in New Orleans! Available for weddings, corporate clients, and many other occasions, The Nuts 2nd Line Band has traveled around the world performing the music of New Orleans. Also, The William Credo Agency (our parent company) offers a one-stop shop with street and police permits to make the entire process easy.

Ceremony Music:
The Mixed Nuts offer a wide array of options for ceremony music – including a chamber string section, classically trained vocalists, brass, classical guitar, piano, and many more.

Jazz Trio:
Guitar, upright acoustic bass, and percussion. Smooth jazz instrumental music, fantastic for the start of a wedding reception or corporate event.

Add a disc jockey to crank things up and fill your party with non-stop music! This core member of The Mixed Nuts will provide songs of any genre… from quiet classics during the start of your reception to club-ready current dance hits during the band’s breaks. This option allows a client to add a DJ option (at a bargin price compared to a seperate DJ company).