Twelve-Piece Mixed Nuts Full Band Experience:

The 12 Piece Mixed Nuts Experience is the biggest and best, featuring twelve of the top entertainers/musicians in New Orleans.  Three female vocalists/dancers, five male vocalist, two of the best MC’s in the country, an incredible rhythm section, and The 504 Horns 4-piece horn section round out this amazing entertainment package.  The Mixed Nuts musicians are made up of touring and recording pros, who have appeared on multiple #1 records and have won countless national music awards.

This 12 piece band option has the maximum in choreography, including hip hop dancing, upgraded band outfits with premium LED costumes, multiple outfit changes through the show, prop giveaways, extra stage lighting, completely wireless musicians for full band-audience interaction, and optional production add-ons such as cryo cannons.  The Mixed Nuts premium 12 piece option is the PERFECT match for corporate clients, weddings, festivals, and sporting events.

If you’re looking for the best of the best in the country- this is your package!

*Package is best-suited for stages/areas of 30×24 or similar.




Six-Piece Mixed Nuts Classic Experience:

The 6 Piece Mixed Nuts Classic Experience is perfect for smaller venues and events.  No changes in the bands song list, energy, or fun – just a smaller footprint to fit in locations that might not be built for a 12 piece band!   This option features 4 male vocalists, 1 female vocalist, our full rhythm section, trumpet and saxophone. The 6 piece band travels with a small PA that can rock up to 500 people and basic lighting.

If you’re an event planner or a bride that’s looking to fit a smaller, affordable band with a HUGE sound at your event that doesn’t have a whole lot of room – this is your option!

*Package is best-suited for stages 16×16 or larger.




The Mixed Nuts Front Line:

Now you can have the energy and excitement of a live performance without the cost of a band.  FRONTLINE is The Mixed Nuts’ newest addition to their entertainment options. These incredible entertainers will turn up the heat with an energetic live show singing and dancing to tracks.  Add as many vocalists/dancers as you want.  You can also add a DJ, live drummer or guitar player for added energy and excitement; the possibilities are endless.

THE MIXED NUTS FRONTLINE is extremely versatile based on your needs and budget, guaranteeing audio control and versatility to any event while taking up less space than a full size band.

THE MIXED NUTS FRONT LINE – the next great entertainment option offered by THE MIXED NUTS!

We are New Orleans’ premiere live event variety band. Allow us to help you take your next event to the next level and create lasting memories for all in attendance.





2nd Line Band:
The Mixed Nuts offer the BEST 2nd Line Band experience in New Orleans! Available for weddings, corporate clients, and many other occasions, The Nuts 2nd Line Band has traveled around the world performing the music of New Orleans. Also, The William Credo Agency (our parent company) offers a one-stop shop with street and police permits to make the entire process easy.

Ceremony Music:
The Mixed Nuts offer a wide array of options for ceremony music – including a chamber string section, classically trained vocalists, brass, classical guitar, piano, and many more.

Jazz Trio:
Guitar, upright acoustic bass, and percussion. Smooth jazz instrumental music, fantastic for the start of a wedding reception or corporate event.

Add a disc jockey to crank things up and fill your party with non-stop music! This core member of The Mixed Nuts will provide songs of any genre… from quiet classics during the start of your reception to club-ready current dance hits during the band’s breaks. This option allows a client to add a DJ option (at a bargin price compared to a seperate DJ company).