For the past twenty-five years
, The Mixed Nuts have been a leading special event band/wedding vendor for celebrations all over the world.  Their high-energy, award-winning, non-stop show has brought the band from New Orleans to New York, Los Angeles to London, Canada to Kansas City, and all points in between.  Averaging 150 shows per year, The Nuts pride themselves on their extreme attention to detail, especially in regard to their wedding clients.  The experience that the band, crew, and booking staff have gained over the past two-plus decades sets them apart from 99% of their contemporaries.  Quite simply, The Mixed Nuts know how to elevate ANY event to surpass a client’s expectations.

Chuck Credo IV is the founder and manager of The Mixed Nuts.  Chuck continues to break new ground with event and concert production with his company WCA Entertainment.  Chuck has also been a part of thousands of weddings and special events over the past twenty-five years.  From the minute that a client contacts The Mixed Nuts for a wedding event, Chuck will walk the happy couple through the entire booking process, making ALL points extremely easy and efficient.  He realizes that many couples and their families have never booked live entertainment before, so he makes it easy and fun.  WCA Entertainment has one of the largest networks of wedding vendors for all wedding needs which makes for a valuable resource to clients.

What makes The Mixed Nuts different than all other groups?  On any given night, a dance floor will experience up to 100 different songs over the course of their reception!  The band’s unique performance style and songfest covers the past fifty plus years of popular music.  “Mixing” the songs from all eras and genres is the forte of the band, and the results are a packed dance floor and an incredible experience that can only come from The Nuts.  The Mixed Nuts band members are ALL MULTI-INSTRUMENTALISTS as well, which allowed them to perform the songs just like the original recordings.  Whether its the horns of Motown records, the keyboard synths of the 1980s, the orchestras of Frank Sinatra, or the 808 beats of modern Top 40, The Nuts come prepared for all scenarios.

Come experience what makes The Mixed Nuts second to none and the perfect choice for any kind of wedding event.




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